Quality of work guaranteed by familiarity with handicraft traditions

For the craftsman, SASSI DESIGN -piece is dimanding and requires excellent skill as well as great care. All finished and polished, it also rewards its maker. Because of the careful design work, master craftsmen are able to make an exquisite work of art.

The result: a unique, pure and elegant piece of jewellery

SASSI DESIGN -collection stands out with its unique and purely  timeless style. The jewellery can be warn every day but are also perfect for that special occasion. For its user, a piece of SASSI DESIGN -jewellery remains an expression of the bearer’s good taste – high quality, smooth against the skin and personal.

For all who appreciate quality and a personal touch

SASSI DESIGN is a living jewellery collection designed with skill, handwrought with care and developed with love. The uniqueness of our jewellery stems from simple and natural approach to design and to nature in general.  It conveys a message of genuine  feelings. This is why SASSI DESIGN is always close to your heart.


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Sassi Design