A stylish staff gift

A stylish and unique gift is a nod of acknowledgement to the most important resource of your company: its staff. A silver ornament designed together with your company and made with craftsmanship is a unique way to remember your employee or business partner.

At Sassi Design we have specialized in the design and manufacture of stylish staff gifts. We create custom-made high-quality jewellery from genuine silver based on your company’s mission statement or other important value.

Easy and memorable

We make giving staff gifts easy. We provide you with a comprehensive service that includes everything from initial brainstorming to the shipping of the ready-made silver ornament.

Contact us by email at sassi(at)sassidesign.fi or by phone at +358 44 7572480 and ask for more information. Let’s come together to create a stylish and memorable staff gift that suits your company perfectly!

All of our products are designed and handmade in Fiskars Village in Raseborg, Finland. We have been a part of the Fiskars Village handicrafts and art community for over 20 years now. Here you can get to know us and our work in more detail.